Testimonials shared by recipients of Swami Adi Narayan Maharajh Ji’s blessing transmission.  

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Autistic Boy Begins to Speak After Swami Adi Narayan Maharajh Ji’s Remote Blessing Transmission

“Swami Adi Narayan Ji,

I’m unsure if you still personally check your messages on FB since your departure from it. But I’ll send you this message regardless. 

We’ve had a brief conversation on the day before you left (on the 9th day of Navaratri) and I was mentioning to you about my son Pranav and how he needed your blessing more than I do being one of those GOD’S Special Children. You told me you’ll keep Pranav in mind at that nights Durga Puja. 

I felt SOOOOOOOOO blessed that you were doing that for us from your own good heart. I can tell you this Swami, Pranav who is almost non verbal due to Autism has picked up significantly amount of new words that I’ve even lost count. I’m not sure if he knows what they means, he’s just repeating what I’m asking him to say (he’s 5 years old) but I do NOT CARE !!!!! This has been an enormous breakthrough in his life and ours. 

Tonight as I was telling him “Goodnight” without me asking, he told me, “Goodnight” with a big smile on his face. My heart couldn’t contain and I knew I had to share this news with you. 

This is the very same boy who NEVER uttered a word for 4 and a half years of his life. Since 4.5 years he started saying maximum 10 words. Now I can almost make him say any word a 3 year old can say within 2 weeks of your blessings Swamiji. 

I feel SO BLESSED and I wanted to share this good news with you. I will continue to work with Pranav along with all the test his neurologist has signed him up for. It’s going to be an uphill climb still ; but we are ready with GOD leading our way. 

With Utmost Gratitude,” 

– K. Digavally and Pranav, USA

“I’ve had pelvic pain for about 2-3 years, but for the last 4 months it was very painful; nerve pain in the pelvic area and headaches. My pain score before the healing was 9, and then after was 5! I received two healings from Swamiji; I found it to be very relaxing and stress-free. After the healing, my doctor told me I can go on vacation! I told him I have stopped all my medications and I just use painkillers when the pain is intense, and he was very much surprised. My overall health status is medium and I’m looking forward to a full recovery in a positive way, by engaging myself in more meaningful health activities. Sai Ram, Thank you.” 

– K. Maharaj, Canada

“Swami Adi Narayan Ji’s prayers and transmissions are very powerful and have already helped so many of my friends at work and fellow seekers by looking at his photo. Please consider attending one of the healing sessions. You will not regret it!” 

– K. McGinty, USA

“It was actually my first time in this transmission accompany and receive love. Love, serenity, peace was my feelings, my concentration was in your image that inspires me very tenderly. Every part of my body felt your vibrations, but especially my hands a lot of energy in them was neither cold, nor hot, but a vast energy.

Gratitude and continue in this way, in this process with each and every one of you who feel the call of the Divine.” 

– Y. Ananda, Spain

“Dear Swami Adi Narayan Ji, I thank you for your outpouring of love. I am very grateful and the spiritual eye area is very activated. In love.”  

– M. McVey, USA

“Thank you very much. I was unusually awake. I could not explain this. My physical symptoms also obtained an improvement. Many, many heartfelt thanks.” 

– M. Wichmann, Germany

“Dearest Swami Ji, I experienced a bright glow of white light with my eyes closed in meditation, followed by a beautiful vibration through my whole body, it was a wonderful blessing, thank you so very much! I cherish every blessing you share with us!” 

– E. Kerr, Canada

“Dearest Swamiji, Thank you for the beautiful blessing. During the blessing, I felt your presence, stillness of mind, and the feeling of peace. The feeling remained within me today, and I was filled with love. When challenges and other feelings surfaced, I was not affected by them, because I felt your love throughout the day from the blessing.” 

– M. Saran, Canada

“I felt the transmission last week released a block at the manipura and energy flowed to the crown chakra.” 

– J. Lynn, USA

“In loving thanks for Divine’s caring blessings through your heart of ONE. Was able to release and forgive burdens that shackle heart’s freedom to being love. Humble Pranaam dear Swamiji!!!!”

– J. Walls, USA

“I had an enormous feeling of deep love in my heart and chest as tears of joy flowed down the sides of my face from the incredible love that I felt. The intense warming that I felt stayed with me during the entire blessing. I also felt waves of warmth soothing my body as if I was being washed and I also felt elevated. I thank you My Beloved Swami Ji for this incredible and miraculous blessing, my heart is overflowing with love.” 

– L. Love, USA

“Late to satsang and rushing to a shady place in my garden, no sooner than giving thanks I folded into a river of light, much like the one I experienced with wonder as a near death experience many years ago. No fear at all, only the magnificent energy of Gods pure unconditional love. Thank you Swamiji for today’s blessing.” 

– S. Hicks, USA

“Ahh Swami I feel so gifted to be in your presence, such loving kindness. Tonight was interesting for me. I felt something I haven’t been aware of before, there was a very subtle vibration-kind of like when electricity is vibrating thru a wire. I felt it begin in my feet and legs and move upward to my heart and head and fill my entire body-energy body. I have not been able to reach the subtleness of this before-to be aware of it. And it is such a blessing to have this meeting of Spirit as it helps me to take the time to be with Self. Much much love to you Swami, and to the rest of the group.” 

– S. Zebedee, Canada

“I felt a calming and depth of presence come over my face and forehead. I am especially grateful to be included in this blessing, I felt comforted and un-alone. Thank you Swami Adi Narayan Ji. Thank you so much!”

– S. Richel, Canada

“I had more than faith before I started the experience and now I have total belief.” 

– R. Kumar, UK

“I want to give thanks, deep thanks for Swami’s blessings and prayers, my soul was quiet, calm and completely at home, pure bliss, Namaste.” 

– R. Lopez, USA

“During the time I felt energy entering my body, I saw the energy move from the top of my body to the bottom, it was a very intense feeling. I noticed that after 20 minutes I felt real calm and have been there since then very much releasing old negative energy, thank you.” 

– S. Koga, USA

“Thank you Swami Ji! I felt a very rapid peace, waves of energy going through my body and, at times, heat through my body. I felt blocks releasing and a kind of negative feeling from my left shoulder and neck lifting out of my body. Afterwards I laid down to rest. Now, just peace and gratitude for blessings and loving community.” 

– B. Howlett, USA 

“Felt so great. Thank you Swamiji. A lot of changes are happening in me, getting very calm nowadays.” 

– T, Sree, Malaysia

“Your presence was palpable, Swamiji – firm but inexpressibly gentle hands on my shoulders, all-embracing arms surrounding tenderly. Your image and your name glow in my mind and heart, with Lord Christ and Lord Narayana. Your blessed name engraved in light in my consciousness in dazzling clarity. These were only a few symbolic moments of oh, so much more… I hope I may find words for a part of it in the days to come. Thank you. Bless you! Love and devotion to you!”

– S. Wood, USA

“To find a Bhakti Yoga Swami in this life such as our dear Adi Ji is in itself an amazing blessing. As he shares the ancient bhakti ways of communal transmission as such Swamis have done for centuries, we all get uplifted toward the focus of all of our bhakti feelings, The Lord Source of All.  Jai All Swamis, Swaminis and Adi Ji Narayan.” 

– S. Sovatsky, USA

“The world is in need of your blessings. As the tremendous Divine Love that you share so wholeheartedly is a gift that can be felt throughout the world.” 

– L. Baker, USA 

“The first 15 minutes I felt intense energy like when I wake up from deep sleep and know that Jesus was with me, like electricity from the top of my head to the spine and all the way down to my feet. I feel this way also only during deep meditation. Waves of energy moved the inside of my body also for a little while. Thank you for the blessings.” 

– K. Saburn, USA

“I felt the happiness of knowing you are there for us and a deep quiet which was very appreciated! Thank you Swami, what a gracious soul you are.” 

– S. Morgan, Canada