Blessings: The Bestowal of Grace

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“The blessings are a deepening and awakening of your own inherent connection to love, peace, and bliss. Being connected in a deeper way to what is within you, around, above you, behind you and in front of you: God. I am here to assist your deepening in that connection.” 

– Swami Adi Narayan Maharajh Ji

Swami Adi Narayan Maharajh Ji

From the endless Ocean of Love, flows Divine Grace: the Universal Light reflected upon, transmitted, and absorbed through the blessing and darshan of Sri Swami Adi Narayan.


Sri Swami Adi Narayan’s sole call to being is the direct deliverance of an effulgent and evident spiritual transmission from Supreme Reality. Through meditative communion with Sri Swami Adi Narayan, his spiritual transmission helps one to awaken and experience a deepened connection to their Divine nature.

Blessings are given for the peace, healing, abundance, deepening of spiritual development, and overall well-being of the participants.

The energy being transmitted is innately intelligent. At the time of the blessing, it will inherently work towards the most favourable evolutionary purpose for each individual recipient.

What is Swami Ji’s Gift?

The blessing allows for a greater opening for the effulgent Divine Light to be reflected upon the surface of one’s mental, emotional, and physical consciousness. This allows for the reflection, transmission and absorption in the Lord to be achieved. One can equate this as switching from a low-speed to a high-speed Internet connection. It is Swami Ji’s prayer that, through this strengthened connection to the grace bestowing spirit of the Divine, the lives of recipients become improved through the fulfillment of their prayers and wishes and the highest vision of themselves to become realized.

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